About Maca Expert

Maca Expert is an online initiative started after using Maca for several years and finding its impressive benefits. I have always been interested in fitness. And, fitness, muscle building, staying energetic without use of any kinds of protein-mixes, habit-forming drugs or anything that isn't natural.

In year 2015, I discovered Maca in a natural store and I decided to give it a try. I read about Maca online and decided to use it for one week.

Within three days, I noticed impressive change in energy levels. I was still not sure if it was due to Maca or I was just under placebo effect. But, the results were due to Maca. I continued using one spoon of Maca for almost 15 days.

Then, I decided to stop using it for few weeks. I noticed that the energy levels weren't as high as during Maca usage. And, I was using only one teaspooon (5 grams per day).

I have done this test on myself a lot of times. I use Maca regularly but stop for 1 or 2 weeks and I notice changes in my energy levels.

After reading a lot of articles on Maca and its health benefits, I decided to start my own website about Maca.

Please note:

  1. I am not promoting any product here.
  2. I am not using any affiliates.
  3. This website is just to educate people about use of Maca.
  4. I am not a health expert.
  5. This website is just for informational purposes but I cite different research papers published about Maca. 


I won't be able to answer individual queries. However, I have taken enough of time to provide all I know about Maca.